Out2Lunch will allow you to save hundreds of hours each year by not wasting time trying to decide where to eat lunch every day. Just let Out2Lunch do that for you!

How to use it

  1. Update the Out2Lunch.txt file with the names of your favorite diners. If you want some of them to be selected more often, simply put them in the list more times.
  2. Run the Out2Lunch app and the answer to ‘Where’s lunch?” will be provided.

How to get it

Out2Lunch 0.2.2 is available here.

Out2Lunch Portable 0.2.2 is available here.

Out2Lunch 0.2.2 source code is available here.

Out2Lunch is coded using AutoHotkey.


gplv3-88x31  Out2Lunch is licensed under the GPL v3.